The following conditions of sale apply to all. Please read them carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

    - The warranty on a petrol engine is one month.
    - The warranty on a diesel engine is starting guarantee ONLY.
    - The warranty only applies to the cylinder head and block. It does not apply to any accessories on the engine i.e. carburator, starter, distributor, alternator, fuel pump, fan viscous coupling, clutch and pressure plate etc.
    - The warranty on gearboxes and diffs is 7 days.
    - No cash refunds on second hand goods.
    - We are not responsible for any costs involved in the exchange of engines, gearboxes and diffs.

Failure to comply with the following will invalidate the warranty.

    - The engine, once fitted, has to be returned for warranty check within 7 days. Should the installation be correct, the engine warranty document will be issued.
    - The engine has been fitted with a heat seal – a broken or melted seal will invalidate the warranty.
    - The engine has to be registered within 21 days at your local traffic authority.
    - The following must be checked before returning for warranty, else it will invalidate the warranty.
    - The speedometer must be working.
    - The radiator must be clean and have new radiator cap.
    - A new thermostat must be fitted.
    - Use only a new or good radiator hose.
    - The oil pressure light must be working.
    - A new air filter has to be fitted.

Just Engines shall not be liable or responsible for any claims for and/or arising out of:

The death or injury (bodily or mentally) or illness sustained by any person or party and/or loss or damage to any property of whatsoever nature arising out of the forgoing, or otherwise, and the customer indemnities holds Just Engines and/or its directors, agents and employees harmless in respect to any claims for/or arising out of injury sustained by any person or damage to tangible property caused directly as a result of the negligence, or otherwise by the customer or it’s employees.

The above conditions are to be explained to the customer by the salesman before signing any documentation. This will be explained upon purchase.


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