The following conditions of sale apply to all. Please read them carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

  • The warranty on a petrol engine is 30 DAYS from date of purchase. *Subject to clause 1*
  • The warranty on a diesel engine is start up Only. *Subject to clause 1*
  • Clause 1: Warranty applies to the CYLINDER HEAD and BLOCK It does not apply to any accessories on the engine, i.e: carburettor, starter, distributor, alternator, power steering pump, aircon pump, fuel pump, oil pump, diesel pump, fan, viscous coupling, clutch, pressure plate, injectors, Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, Sump, Sensors, VVT Cam Gears, Etc.
  • The warranty on gearboxes and diffs is 7 DAYS from date of purchase.
  • We as Just Engines (PTY) Ltd are not responsible for any costs involved in the exchange of Engines and/or Gearboxes and/or diffs, that includes labour or service parts like mechanic labour and Oil, Plugs, Filters, Etc.
  • Just Engines (PTY) Ltd are not responsible for any courier costs involved with transport of Engines and/or Gearboxes and/or Diffs.
  • All items purchased on Credit/Layby/Payoff are subject to a 20% Non-Refundable Deposit Fee payable at the beginning of the term period.
  • Any item when returned to Just Engines (PTY) Ltd must be in the exact same condition as at the date of purchase with all accessories sold with the Engines and/or Gearboxes and/or Diff
  • Just Engines (PTY) Ltd reserves the right to deduct any transportation costs or damage costs to items returned in a condition which has decreased the item in value from the date of purchase. The consideration value will be deducted from the amount paid/deposited. If loss is greater than the amount paid/deposited, customer will be held liable for any excess costs.
  • No Cash Refunds!!! When items are faulty, they will either be fixed or replaced.
  • Replacement or duplicate invoices will be subject to a service admin fee.

Failure to comply with the following will invalidate the warranty.

  • The radiator must be cleaned and not only flushed.
  • A new thermostat must be fitted.
  • The speedometer must be working.
  • The oil pressure light must be in working order.
  • New Oil and Filters as part of the service kit should be installed.
  • The engine should not be opened in any way, i.e: the cylinder head should not be removed from the block. [Removing of accessories such as pumps and pulleys which may not be compatible in the car may be done at the discretion of a qualified mechanic and will not invalidate the warranty]
  • The engine once fitted, must be returned for warranty check within 7 DAYS from purchase Should the installation be correct the warranty conditions mentioned above will apply.
  • The engine has been fitted with a heat seal, a broken or melted seal will invalidate the warranty and no returns or refunds will be granted in such a case.
  • The engine must be registered within 21 DAYS at your local traffic authority.